Obtaining a Transcript

For transcripts, first contact the registrar at the last school you attended.  Elementary, middle, and high school transcripts can be obtained from the last school of attendance. The first two are provided at no cost. Additional copies can be purchased by paying the cost of the additional printing plus mailing.  

Inactive Student Records Release of Information Form

For other relevant inactive student records request, fill out the Student Records Release Form. Please include a clear copy of an official photo identification showing a clear picture, birth date, and signature. 
The Student Records Department will contact you if any additional information is needed.  Walk-ins will be allowed to make records request but will not be provided on the same day.
  • When a request is made be specific as to what you need and for what reason (Example: I need my transcripts for college or a job)
  • If only transcripts are needed, first contact the last high school attended.
  • When submitting a request, be sure to print clearly, include maiden names, D.O.B., contact Phone #'s as well as return address information

Administrative Procedures


For Site Registrars

In need of transferring out the Inactive Student Records??
Please review this Power Point.  

Contact Information

For transcripts, first contact the registrar at the last school you attended
For inactive student records:
Maria Ibarra
Student Records Clerk 
Ph: 619-260-2426
Fax: 619-725-7311
Eugene Brucker Education Center, Annex 12
4100 Normal St. San Diego, CA 92103