Withholding schedules can be found at: http://edd.ca.gov/Payroll_Taxes/Withholding_Schedules_-_Historical.htm

Employees should contact their tax advisors to review how withholding schedules affect their individual withholding or contact the Taxpayer Assistance Center at (888) 745-3886 for additional assistance.
California Withholding Schedules for 2009

As a result of the passage of Assembly Bill x4_17, the California Withholding Schedules for 2009 have been replaced effective Nov. 1, 2009, to accelerate withholding. Starting this week, employers must withhold 10 percent more in state income taxes. The action is technically not a tax increase because the state is supposed to return the extra money after taxpayers file their 2009 tax returns according to the California Franchise Tax Board. This accelerated withholding will remain in effect indefinitely.