Please use the Interpreter Request Form to request interpreters for all languages.  You will be notified when your request is scheduled.  Incomplete forms will be returned unscheduled.

For questions, please contact, or call 619-344-4350 ext 2253.

For written IEP translations, please send a Request for Translation form to Please do not attach the IEP to email. Hard copies will no longer be accepted.


Mario Garcia, Supervisor,  619-344-4350, ext 2253
Memorial Prep, Room 253

Bravo, Victoria
Cagle, Summer
Gonzalez, Karen
McIntyre, Jeovanna
Michel, Lily
Martin Nieto, Jose Manuel Martin
Riggins, Josefina
Tran, Duc
Trejo, Veronica

Languages Supported

Arabic - Karen - Korean - Burmese - Kurundi - Cambodian - Laotian - Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
Mixteco -  Eritrean - Russian - Farsi - Somali - French - Spanish -  - Tagalog (availability 15 days) - Hindi
Tigrinya - Japanese - Urdu Vietnamese - Hebrew (availability 15 days)