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School Site Council/Site Governance Team

The Zamorano School Site Council (SSC) and the Zamorano Site Governance Team (SGT) are an elected, decision-making group made up of parents, teachers, administrator, school staff, and community members who work collaboratively towards the common goal and mission of making Zamorano a great school for students to learn and grow.

The SSC plans school goals and objectives, reviews and approves program modifications, monitors progress and evaluates outcomes. The Council is charged with the legal responsibility to insure services meet the needs of special student populations. The SSC is also responsible for categorical funding, such as Title I, Second Language and GATE.  In other words, the SSC makes decisions about how to provide an outstanding educational program for all students at Zamorano!

SGT members act as an advisory body on issues other than major categorical programs. Zamorano's Governance Team is a shared decision-making body who are empowered to plan, problem solve, and make recommendations to improve the quality of education, and operations of the school.

Elected parents serve in both groups.  All meetings are public, and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend. Meeting minutes and agendas are posted on the parent board located in the front of the school and in the main office. Meeting dates can be found in our weekly parent newsletter and in our online calendar.
School Site Council Members
Derek MurchisonPrincipal
Evelia CervantesTeacher/SSC Chair
Annette LuceroTeacher
Tauheedah RobinsonOther/Secretary
Laura Lopez-HudsonTeacher
Hjordis WilliamsParent/DAC
Valerie SevillaParent
Anabel GutierrezParent
Marlene GutierrezParent/SSC Co-Chair
Christa HandyParent
School Site Council meetings are held monthly in the South Lounge and begin at 2:15 p.m. See calendar.

 Site Governance Team Members
Cristin Simpson   Classroom Teacher
Vicki OswaldClassroom Teacher
Susan Clark   Classroom Teacher
Jennifer Coleman   Chairperson/ Classroom Teacher
Kisha BordenSDEA Representative
Carrie SmithGATE/SPED Representative
Don Nitzel   Non-Classroom Certificated Representative
Derek Murchison Administrative Representative
Andy LupaClassified Employee Representative
Robert VeraVice Principal
 Diane HartjeElementary School Assistant
 Lorayne Sandino Parent/Community Member
 Janette Espinoza  Parent/Community Member
 Ivory Bailey Parent/Community Member
 Martha Avila Parent/Community Member
Site Governance Team meetings are held monthly in the South Lounge and begin at 2:15 p.m. See calendar.
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