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Name:  Andria SchmittGrade: First GradeRoom: 12Email: aschmitt@sandi.netBio:  My name is Andria Schmitt and I have been teaching in the San Diego Unified School District for 25 years all of those years being here at  Zamorano Elementary School.  I have my Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Students with Another Language.  My interests include literature, writing, math, physical education and computers. It is my mission to empower students to become life long learners and instill within themselves a belief they can reach any goal he/she sets for him/herself.  By teaching students to believe in themselves and their abilities, they will be able to tackle any task. My daily mission is to help all children meet grade level standards, build a positive academic experiences, and grow into responsible learners. I will strive to bring a love and joy of learning to the students.