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Textbook Policy

Students will be issued textbooks to use during the school year. Students are responsible for maintaining the books in the condition they received them. Textbooks are very expensive and we ask your support in helping your child develop a respect for books. From time to time you may notice school books your student borrowed. You may return these to the school to clear your student’s record of owed materials.  Any school books from other San Diego Unified schools can also be returned to us. We will ensure that they are sent to the school of origin.

It is important to make sure that your child’s record of borrowed material is cleared. With your help, we can reinforce good skills in our students and be able to provide the appropriate learning materials for all of our students.  In this time of budget crisis, this endeavor becomes even more critical.

We thank you for your supporting this. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 


Wilson Middle School Library and Media Center

Textbook Prices:

6th Grade Literature book                                                            $57.75

7th Grade Literature book                                                            $69.50

8th Grade Literature book                                                            $69.50

6th Grade Focus on Earth Science                                                $63.25

7th Grade Focus on Life Science                                                   $63.25

8th Grade Interactions in Physical Science                                    $63.25

6th Grade Ancient Civilizations                                                     $68.00

7th Grade Medieval                                                                     $70.00

8th Grade US History                                                                  $68.00

6th Grade Math                                                                          $64.25