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Questions about Grading during Distance Learning?

With the closure of schools on March 13th, grades were frozen.  Since then teachers have had the opportunity to finish grading and posting any school work that had been assigned AND collected BEFORE March 13th.  These grades serve as your student's baseline or minimum guaranteed grade for the end of the year. 

Since March 13th, teachers have been learning how best to work with Distance Learning tools and have been assigning supplemental or enrichment work.  None of the work given between March 14th and April 26th will affect your student's grade.

With the return of graded work, the lessons and assignments teachers are giving will be graded and the scores will be recorded in PowerSchool.  Graded work will continue to be assigned and entered unitl the end of the school year.  If you student's grade improves from the March 13th they will recieve the new grade for the close of the year.  If their grade drops due to recent assignments, then they will recieve the grade they had as of March 13th.

Please read the Grading Policy Parent FAQcreated by our school district for more information.