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Partners in Education are community businesses and groups who support the school in order to help us provide a better education for all our students. Our Partners here at Wangenheim are  Barnes & Noble in Mira Mesa, Chick-fil-A in Mira MesaUnited States Marine Corps, and O's American Kitchen in Mira Mesa.

Barnes & Noble is supporting our school in many ways. The have sponsored Book Clubs. They will also host fundraisers and provide a spot for Wangenheim students to perform plays. Also, they will on occasion display our artwork in their window and provide authors as guest speakers in the classroom.
Marine Logo The United States Marine Corps
is our proud partner, joining the Wangenheim Team in June 2011. The Marines come to Wangenheim each year to run our Marine Fitness Challenge.
Video of Marine Fitness Day at Wangenheim:


Thank you to our partners for their generosity and continued support of

our school.

How to Become a Partner

To become a Wangenheim partner, please contact one of our Vice Principal at 619-605-2250  X 3011.