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Volunteer Appreciation Update (06-07-2020)

End of Year Volunteer Appreciation (06-07-2020)

Hello Centurion Families!

Each year we hold a Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony for our amazing school volunteers. While we could not do this in person this year, we have included a Volunteer Appreciation Slideshow and linked it on the school website so we can express how much we appreciate the support we get from the PTSA, EdUCate!, Centurion Foundation, boosters and parent volunteers.  I can share UCHS is well known in the district for having one the of the largest volunteer participation rates for all schools in the district.  We’ve said it over and over again, but we could not do what we do without the help of our parents.

To our senior volunteer parents, thank you for your support over the last four years.  One of the greatest gifts we can give our young people is a sense of what it means to invest in our community and their school.  While it may not be apparent at the moment, the impact of your commitment will reappear when your students someday become a parent themselves.  Your legacy will be repeated as they too, will want to replicate the experience they had for their own children.  Thanks for modeling this for the next generation and well done! 

Again, please check out the Volunteer Appreciation Slideshow as we Clap it Up for our parents!  Mr. O.