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UCHS School Opening Update (08-20-2019)


UCHS Summer Update (08-18-2019)


Ok Centurions, this is a long message and if it gets cut off so please check your email or check the school website under school news. 


Last night the district’s IT department posted our master schedule live, something they were not supposed to do, and this action caused some parents and students to go online and look up their class schedule.  The result from this action caused over 250 emails from parents and students emailing our counselors letting them know their student now needed a class schedule change.  Parents shared their student no longer liked the class they signed up for in January and now wanted a particular class schedule during a certain part of the school day; they wanted a teacher change because they had heard about a particular teacher; and their best friend has the same class but a different period and now desire to make sure they are scheduled into the same class. Just to let everyone know, none of these reasons necessitate a schedule change for a student.    


Here’s how it works… last January the school received our anticipated funding for the 2019-2020 school year.  Part of this early decision making was based on what the district anticipated our enrollment would be for this coming school year.  Just to let everyone know they felt our enrollment would be 1756.  In the system for the school right now there are 1825 students. My hunch is that our true enrollment will be around 1800 when school starts. What does this mean? It means that the district has funded us for 1756 students and not 1800.  The district will not give us more funding for classes until mid-October. Because of the over enrollment, most all classes are full without the ability to move classes for students.  The only reason at this point we would make a schedule change is for one of two reasons: 1) the student is in a class they have already taken and 2) a student had the same teacher last year and failed and they need a new experience.


When school starts, and not before, a student would request to see their counselor to address one of these two reasons mentioned above. In the meantime, because counselors will be busy, students are to attend the classes found on their schedule.  As some point during the first week of school counselors will call them in to address their reason for a course change. 


Everyone needs to understand that based on the school funding for teachers from January, along with what courses students signed up for, coupled with what teachers are eligible to instruct, a master schedule is built and this process takes us many months to put together. Some people do not know or understand the complexities involved with this process and think a new class can be added or deleted. This is simply not the case.


Because we have some classes are only offered one or two periods a day, this can be a challenge for some students.  Some may want two or three particular courses, but because they are offered only one or two periods a day, their student is not able to take all the classes they want and desire.  In these cases, a student and their parent needed to make a decision for what classes had the highest priority.  In the case of the scheduling that took place last January, students and parents were asked to rank their course options allowing the staff to decide which class(s) to keep them in when a student couldn’t get all of their classes. This has happened.   


All students and parents should know that the counseling office will be closed the first week of school. Students will be given a form to fill out stating if they believe they are in the wrong class, and parents can email a counselor, but know that a response to these requests will be looked at in order of priority. 


At lunch and after school the counselors will be in the quad to talk with students about any errors in the schedules.  All should know that it usually takes us about a week or so to clean up and finalize all schedule needs.        


I am very excited about the start of our school year. I think most all would agree that the summer registration process was so much better this year.


More information will be sent out as we get closer to the school opening next Monday. 


Regards, Mr. O.