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UCHS Brag Packet 2019

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One of the main things colleges are looking for is a way to see the real you - What wonderful, inspiring, distinctive character traits do you possess that the colleges would love to have on their campus?  Lots of students have an impressive resume and transcript, so how have you made an impact on someone else's life, on the community, etc.? Tell us about the REAL YOU, the YOU that we want to get to know? How are you INDIVIDUAL, INSPIRING TO OTHERS?
Tell us about your independence and “maverick-ness”. I know it’s vague, but these are more personality qualities than they are specific criteria. To make it practical, really talk about how you made a hard decision, took a principled stand, or did something where you had almost no support from family or friends, but you did it because you believed passionately in it. This could be that you run for student council president when no one thought you could be elected. It could be the story of when you started your after school tutoring program and everyone thought you would fail. Really telling that story – of how you independently pursued your dreams against the criticisms of others – is something that colleges admire as a spirit in its students and is something that every high school student has demonstrated at one point or another. Tell us about it, the better the story, the better our letter for rec. will be!
a. Describe your family members. Explain who lives in your house. Give ages, names of siblings. List where siblings go to school, including where they may have attended or currently attend college. b. Discuss your father: where attended college, degrees earned, or any other type of education he received.  Detail his career choices, and where he works now. c. Discuss your mother: where attended college, degrees earned, or any other type of education she received.  Detail her career choices, and where she works now. d. How have each of your parents influenced you? What qualities of theirs do you admire?
Discuss what you may wish to study in college. What are your career dreams? What are your areas of interest? It’s fine if these are just general.
Explain why you have selected each school. Why/how is it a good fit for you?  Be sure to list DUE DATES for each college you are applying to.
How would others describe you, your zest for learning, your moral character, your individual will to succeed?   Give a specific example/story of how you exemplify one (or more) of these qualities. This is the best way to explain your character to us, so describe your story in detail.
a. Tell us about an academic interest or passion. What have you done that has been exciting and explain why. b.  Describe your school-based extracurricular activities in detail.  How did these activities influence your life, your character? How did they help you mature? c. Tell us about your athletic, artistic, student government, club or other UCHS involvement. How have you contributed to the UCHS community?
a.   Describe your involvement in your community, in the University City area, and beyond. What did you do for your community volunteer hours? Tell exactly what the task involved. BE SPECIFIC. Why were these volunteer activities important to you? b. How have the above experiences helped you to be a better person and/or given you skills which you can use in the future?
a. Do you have a passion for something outside of academics? Is there one thing that is most important to you? Explain.   b. How do you spend your free time/summers? Tell about your hobbies and interests other than school or sports. Please write at least four full sentences. c. Have you ever been employed, or are you currently working?  Describe your job-related experiences.
a.  Now as a senior, what have you learned about yourself since you began high school that has surprised or pleased you? Describe what you have gained from your UCHS education. How are you different from that first day freshman year? b. Ask one of your closest friends (not family) to describe you and your character. Ask them to be specific. Give their exact words in a quotation and indicate who said it. c. Get a quote about yourself from three staff members at UCHS.  Have them comment on your work ethic and contributions in the class, on campus, or playing field. These should be different staff members than those writing letters of recommendations for you. Give their exact words in a quotation. Ask the adults to send us the quote in an email.
Are there any extenuating circumstances that have affected your academic performance? This could be a special family or financial situation, a learning disability, a blip in your academic record, etc. Describe your experiences, and how you have grown as a result.  Please explain with as much detail as possible.
a.  Is there anything else we should know about you that would assist us as we write your college recommendation? b. What do you want your counselor to tell colleges about you? What aspects do you want to be emphasized? What is special or important? Why should colleges accept you?
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