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UCHS 2018 Try-Out & Transportation Info


 All students interested in trying out for the Varsity and/or Junior Varsity team must have a completed Athletic Clearance. Please follow the directions on the ATHLETIC CLEARANCE page of this website to complete the process. This form will not be available until June 5, 2017.

You must have a physical exam by a doctor for clearance. You will need to bring three original (NO copies) documents to our Athletic Director, Brian Josten in order to complete the clearance process.

All student athletes must return the 3 original signed documents to the AD before your first day of try-outs- whichever comes first. You must be on the cleared list by that date in order to try-out.


2018 Try-Outs will be held Feburary 17 at 9am on the upperfield.


Click Here to View the Pre-School Athletic Transportation Schedule

Be sure to eat breakfast well before you come to try-outs. By not eating you could potentially put your health at risk. We want you to have lots of energy for try-outs!

·         Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of water prior to practice. Being well hydrated will help your energy level and stamina!