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Sxchool Update (02-24-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (02-24-2017)


Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a school update.

For parents of 9th grade students, on Wednesday, March 1st, UC High is proud to present theKaiser Permanente’s STD/HIV Prevention Program for our 9th grade students. The program uses technology and references social media as a way of engaging students while providing health information about sexually transmitted diseases in a topical way.  Students hear the facts and myths about STDs and see how the choices they make have a lasting impact on the lives of other people. The program supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools in the areas of mental, emotional and social health; injury prevention and safety; and growth, development and sexual health.  If you do not wish to have your child participate in this assembly, please email VP Jo McGlin at jmcglin@sandi.net. Please be sure to state your student’s first and last name.

It’s a busy time at UCHS.  Last weekend our Science Olympiad Team competed against 40 other high school teams and took 6th place.  As a result, they are headed to the state championships.  Clap it up!!

Today, 6 wrestler’s qualified for the Master’s as they did exceedingly well at the CIF competition last Saturday.  Hunter Phillips, junior, did outstanding and became CIF Champion at his weight class.  He may be headed to state.  Tonight, the girls’ basketball team takes on Rancho Bernardo in the CIF quarterfinals.  If you can make it, it’s at 7pm at Rancho Bernardo High School. And tomorrow, the girls’ soccer team also squares off in the quarterfinals as they will play at San Pasqual at 5pm.   

Next week is a big week for our sophomores.  Each day a group of about 100 10th graders will bus over to QUALCOMM, the company, not the stadium, to experience a business adventure tied to unlocking their genius.  Students have been exposed to looking at their personal strengths as well as career exploration.  The capstone experience will involve their participation shadowing workers at the scientific headquarters for technology.    

Have a great weekend and remember, it’s no too late to buy a historic brick.  :)