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Summer Update from UCHS (06-14-2019)


Summer Update from UCHS (June 14, 2019)

Good evening, this is Principal Olivero calling you with a summer update.  There are a few important items to be aware as we work our way through the summer months.  I promise there will not be weekly call outs as long as everyone looks at the front page of the school website as we will have school updates posted during the summer months. 

The first is with regards to students needing to make up a failed class for the school year.  Summer school starts Monday, June 17th.  Students needing to make up credits need to attend one of the following summer school sites: Clairemont HS, Patrick Henry HS, San Diego HS, Lincoln HS, Morse HS, and Crawford HS.  Please check the Power School Parent Portal to know the final grades earned by your student. 

The second is to let our bus riding students and parents know that transportation will be changing the pickup and drop off locations for next year. In essence, they will be reducing the number of stops. While this will speed up the bus time to and from school, it could also mean students will have to go further distances to get to the bus pickup and drop off location.  We will have the new reported locations on the school website when we receive them.   

The third is to request all students and parents visit the school website to look at the Packet Pick-up and Summer Registration Dates. Please look at the document carefully. You’ll see that we have added more opportunities to turn in registration information for the 2019-2020 academic year.  We have days where packets, without the normal stations, can be turned in to review and clear. We have other traditional dates where students and parents can turn in registration information, take photo ID pictures, pay for ASB cards, etc.  The change is being made to hopefully reduce the long lines experienced late in August when we hold our annual registration packet turn in by grade level.  We will still have these coordinated days, but families can opt to turn in their registration information utilizing the extra days in July. 

Last, we do not know where the sun went but enjoy the extra daylight hours…summer is here! 


Regards, Mr. O.