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Summer Update - Registration (7-10-2017)


UCHS School Registration Update (07-10-2017)


Good evening Centurions, happy summer to you all!  On Wednesday, July 12th, for our athletes and cheerleaders, we will be holding fall registration for the turning in of packet information.  We are holding a mid-summer registration for athletes because the fall sporting season begins at the start of August. 


On Thursday, July 13th, we will be holding fall registration for the turning in of packet information for our marching band and color guard students.  Band camp will be in August and we are trying to lessen the burden by getting a head start on the process. 


For July12th and 13th, we will have the school photographer on campus to give students their photo ID’s.  So smile and look sharp!  Also, if you can help volunteer to on the 12th and 13th, please visit the school webpage and sign up for a spot to help us.


All should know that we will still hold our normal pre-school registration dates on August 21st and August 22nd.  This will be for all students and any athlete, cheer or band student who missed the July registration. 


Please know that we have students who have not picked up their packet yet. We have no idea is they plan on coming back or not.  These students are at risk not getting their classes they originally signed up for.  If you have not made it in yet, you better get on by school (8am to 12pm) or email me at jolivero@sandi.net.     


Enjoy the summer sun while you can.  Wear sun screen and keep cool!  See many of you later this week.  Mr. O.