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Summer School Update (7-20-2017)


UCHS Summer Update (07-20-2017)


Good evening Centurions! I have two pieces of information to share.  One is very important to our school community and the other not so much…I’ll let you decide. 


First, our students and staff are Rock Stars!  This last year we worked with an organization called Equal Opportunity Schools to identify students who had been doing well in school, but had not taken an advanced studies class or an Advanced Placement course. Typically these are students who come often times from underrepresented student populations.


As a result, we sought out to find and identify students who we felt could stretch themselves by taking a more rigorous course. The research around AP shows that if a student takes an AP course, they are five times more likely to not just enroll in a four year school, but graduate as well.  So what happened a year ago? 


We identified 88 new UCHS students who we felt could and should be taking AP classes.  While they were initially unsure whether they could handle the intense academic demands, I am proud to share how our school did not their AP exams.  So check it out… in 2016, 943 AP tests were taken and in 2017, 1161.  That’s an increase of 218 more AP exams and students from the prior year. 


How did they do?  In 2016, 552 AP exams were passed with a score of 3 or higher.  In 2017, 695.  That’s an increase of 143 more AP tests passed as compared to the prior year.  The 695 passing mark is the highest number in school history.  Really a major Clap it Up! Needless to say, I am very proud of our students and staff. 


Ok, second item to share, tomorrow will be my last day for the summer.  It’s my turn to go on summer vacation.  Mr. Paredes will handle the last week of summer school and I will be back on Monday, August 7th. 


It will be soon time to start our sporting teams, band camp, and registration.  Stay tuned as I will be sending more information when I return after the 7th.  I wish everyone a healthy and safe next couple of weeks.    


UC U-Know!