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Start of School Update (08-25-2019)

UCHS Summer Update (08-25-2019)

Ok Centurions, summer is over…ollie ollie oxen free!  Old school for sure but for our youngsters this means come back as school starts tomorrow morning at 7:24 am.  I encourage all to plan on being at school extra early (by 7 am) to see old and new friends and to pick up class schedules. Ninth grade students should pick up their schedule in the gym and students in grades 10-12 in the quad area by the attendance office.

All students should have a complete schedule.  All teachers are in place with the exception of a partial Spanish teaching assignment.  The Human Resource Division for the district still trying to secure a teacher who can work part time.

I want to remind everyone that our enrollment is sky high.  The district projected us to have 1756 students and right now we are showing 1819 in classes.  What does this mean for your student? It means that most all classes are full without the ability to move classes for students.  The only reason at this point we would make a schedule change is for one of two reasons: 1) the student is in a class they have already taken and 2) a student had the same teacher last year and failed and they need a new experience. If a student finds they are experiencing one of these two situations, they should complete a counselor request form and state the specific reason for why they think they need a course change.  Our counselors will be working with these requests by prioritizing who needs to move and what classes have room to move students into. I can share this process is very time consuming because classes are full and it takes looking at other student schedules to move one out, allowing them to still keep their same classes, and moving the other student into their spot. Because classes are so full, we are only able to move one student at a time.  Please know our counselors will try to resolve any misplacement of students as soon as possible. 

Last, because we have some classes are only offered one or two periods a day, this can be a challenge for some students.  Some may want two or three particular courses, but because they are offered only one or two periods a day, the student is not able to take all the class or classes they may want.  The counseling office will be closed the first week of school. The counselors will be busy enrolling any possible new students and will be working on course request changes. If a parent emails or calls a counselor, please know that they will be responding to inquiries based on mistakes reported in scheduling. Wanting to switch a class because your student has now decided on wanting to take a different class is not something we can entertain at this time.  This is unless the desired change helps the overall balancing of classes for other students. 

We are extremely excited about getting school underway as we have missed them. Please plan to come early and have patience as we have new families needing to understand the traffic pattern flow for getting in and out of school.

Clap it up!  Look forward to seeing our Centurions tomorrow.  Mr. O.