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Senior Update (Yearbooks) 06-16-2020)

Senior Update- Yearbooks are in!   (06-16-2020)

Hello Class of 2020, the yearbooks came in last Friday and we are setting up a day for you to come by and get them.  If you are having a classmate pick yours up for you, you will need to provide them an email they can print out and take to school to prove you have authorized them to pick up your yearbook. 

We will hand them out this Thursday, June 18, 2020, from 1pm to 4 pm.  Students or parents picking up a yearbook need to follow all public health guidelines.  Specifically, a mask over the face and keeping six or more feet apart.  We will be handing out yearbooks outside the counseling door by the flag pole. 

Students who need to pay fines or need to turn in their cap and gowns to get their diplomas may also do so on this day and during this timeframe. 

We do have some extra yearbooks students can purchase at school during this time.  They are $85 dollars. 

Some might not be able to make this day and time and know we will have another day, I just am not sure what day at this time. 

Please know that we are shorthanded and we will do our best to get them for our students as quickly as possible.  One thing students can and need to do is print their name in large bold letters and print their ID number on a piece of paper.  This will speed up the process. 

See you Thursday afternoon for those coming by school to get their yearbook and take care of other senior needs. 

Mr. O