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Senior Update (06-07-2019)

Senior Update: (06-07-2019)

Hello seniors and their parents.  Here is another senior update to keep everyone in the loop. 

Today’s school for seniors is tonight from 6:00 pm -10:00 pm.  It will be our senior dinner and movie night. If a student cannot make it, there will be no penalty.  However, they do need to call the attendance office today during school hours to let them know they will not be at school tonight. 

All should know that once students arrive tonight, they are not able to leave school unless they have parent consent.  Parent consent means the student is able to call the parent right at that moment and an administrator is able to confirm they are cleared to leave school on a blue slip.  Leaving during the four hours of school tonight, however, should only be for emergencies. Once on campus and checked in, the student is there for the dinner and movie.

Given the weather anticipated for tonight, it is likely to be cold.  All students should plan to bring a blanket and jacket.  Because we will be on the lawn in the quad, students can also bring beach chairs to watch the movie. 

Just so everyone knows, should the movie get done in time, we could start releasing students for home starting at 9:45 pm.   

On Monday, June 10th, graduating seniors who are eligible to walk need to be at school no earlier than 12:30 pm and not later than 12:45 pm.  We will be meeting in the auditorium for graduation rehearsal. At rehearsal, seniors will get their cap and gown, four guest tickets, and one family parking pass.  If a senior needs more tickets, they are $5 and can be purchased at the finance office during school hours. 

I’ve got to say, the Class of 2019 is still shaping up to be my best. We still have few days left, but they are really an amazing group.  Just today at lunch I walked around and missed seeing them.  I think the feeling is mutual in that several, without permission, decided to sleep on the softball field. Love our kids!  See you tonight at 6:00 pm. 


Mr. O.