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Senior Update (06-03-2019)


Senior Update: (06-03-2019)

Mr. O. here with some updates for our seniors and their parents. I shared earlier in the year that the Class of 2019 was shaping up to be my best Class of all time. I meant this. I got a chuckle a few weeks back when a senior said I had said the same thing to his brother’s graduating class a few years back. I reassured him that this is not always the case and that at this point, the Class of 2019 is my best!  They really have been great!  They’ve been very respectful and appreciative for how the school has helped and supported them. They are a class act and we hope they finish strong!     

The next few days will be busy ones for our seniors. On Tuesday night, at 6pm, we will hold our 2019 Seniors Awards Night in the gym. Seniors should have received their invitations to this event if they are going to be recognized for some awards or recognition. Seniors are required to RSVP with counselor Belen Bahena if they are or are not attending.   

Starting tomorrow, all seniors should be cleaning out their school lockers if they checked one out for the year. Additionally, all seniors should be taking around their goldenrod checkout sheets to be signed. The deadline for turning in the checkout sheets to the finance office is Wednesday, June 5th. 

The last full day of instruction for seniors is this Thursday, June 6th. 

On Friday, June 7th, we will hold what is known as the senior dinner/movie night. Actual school for seniors this day is from 6pm to 10pm. If a student has to work or cannot make it during these hours, no penalty, they just need to let the attendance office know in advance where they will be this night. Parents, please talk with your senior so that you know whether they will be at school Friday night or elsewhere.   

This coming Saturday night is the PTSA’s Senior Disneyland trip.  Please know that this event is not school-sponsored.  In other words, please do not email us for details or questions as this is not a school event.  This does not mean seniors can act foolishly on the Disney trip as I am told the happiest place on earth also has the happiest jail on earth.  They will call parents to come get their student. 

As shared earlier, all senior event information is posted on the school website.  Go to the Student Life tab and scroll down to the Class of 2019 link.  Then click on the Senior Bulletin.  This section will have 8 pages of detailed information regarding graduation times, tickets, parking, etc. 

Clap is up for the Class of 2019!  Hoping they can best the very best, ever!  Mr. O.