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Senior Update (05-11-2017)

Senior Update: (05-11-2017)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with some vital information about the last month of school for our seniors. 


Please know that information regarding graduation and all other senior activities is on the school’s website under the tab Student Life and Senior Activities and Information (Student Bulletin). Please review this important information with your student. 


Each year the school gives students 6 graduation guest tickets.  This year because we have as smaller graduating class, we will be issuing 8 tickets. Some seniors do not always have eight guests and seniors are free to ask other students about giving them their extra tickets.


Please also know that because of a lack of parking places on site, there will not be enough parking spots for all guests and their family members.  UCHS will have 250 onsite parking passes for seniors.  The selection for determining who will receive a parking pass for a senior will be done randomly.  All other guests will need to find offsite parking.  Should your family have a person who needs handicap parking, please complete the application form found under the tab Student Life and Seniors on the school website.  This application form is not posted yest, but will be on the website by the end of next week.  The form needs to be submitted to Ms. Byrd by Wednesday, May 31,2017.


On Thursday night, May 25th, we will be holding our senior awards night in the gym.  Please know that senior invitations are being sent out to those invited. Seniors are to let Counselor Kelsey Bradshaw know whether your family will be attending.    


Have a great evening and make sure you check out the Student Bulletin for seniors on the school’s website. 


Mr. O.