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Senior School Update (04-01-2019)


Senior Update: (04-01-2019)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with some information for our senior students and their parents.  We are down the homestretch and I will be calling you all to keep you updated for the final weeks/days for our seniors. I can say that the Class of 2019 has been amazing up to this point. My hope is that they do the right thing and finish strong! Many will or have received information from colleges that have accepted them as potential students for next year.  Please know that their acceptance letters are conditional. For instance, a student earning a grade of D or F in a course will cause a student to not be accepted by most all CSU or UC schools. Every year we get a few seniors who develop what’s known as senioritis. It’s a condition that can directly impact some of our best students.  Please pace yourselves seniors and guard against the desire for an early celebration. 


Please know that information regarding graduation and all other senior activities is on the school’s website under the tab Student Life and Senior Graduation Information for 2019. Please review this important information with your student. 


As you may know, graduation day for UCHS this year is Tuesday, June 11th, at 2 pm. Each student will receive 4 guest tickets for seating at graduation.  Students will have the option of purchasing up to 6 additional tickets for their guests. Children age 5 and below are free.  Students who are qualified Free and Reduced Lunch will have a discount price for purchased tickets.  The price for the tickets will be established by the school’s Site Governance Team next Monday. 


There will be additional information sent to our seniors and their parents but I wanted to get the communication going in that we have only ten weeks left.  Again, please visit the school website and visit the Senior Graduation Information found under the Student Life tab. 


Talk to you all soon, Mr. O.