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School Upodate (02-09-2020)


School Update (02-09-2020)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with an early week Oscar update. 

Last week I held a number of meetings to allow parents an opportunity to share concerns and receive information regarding the impact of a later school start on next year’s athletes.  There were over 80 parents who attended these meetings.  It was incredibly humbling to know and appreciate we have so many in our school community that want the very best for our students, staff, parents, and school. 

I need to share that these conversations were not taken lightly and I spent much of the weekend talking to teachers, coaches, counselors, and to the administrative team.  Together we racked our brains for how best to minimize the challenges to our students.

The good news is that I think we have put together a plan, if it all works out, a way to greatly maximize what students can take for course options next year.  It will take flexibility on everyone’s part but I think it just could work for a vast percentage of students.  My estimation is the plan will help 95% of our students.  One of the biggest challenges, something we won’t know until next fall, is to make sure our student enrollment numbers come in as predicted. If we have to cut classes in the fall because of lower school enrollment, it could impact the plan we intend to put in place.

What is the plan?  It’s in my head right now but I will work on getting it down on paper the next two days and will post it to the school website.  It will be detailed and will outline the plan for each sporting team by grade level.  

This week we are meeting with 9th graders on their scheduling for next year.  Once this is done we will circle back to all athletes that were already scheduled and meet with them one more time to determine their scheduling choices based on their grade level, their sport, and what classes they are seeking. There will always be instances where a student may not know if they are going to make a particular team and in these instances we will work with our students to rearrange their schedule. 

My hope is that the document I put together will answer about 85% of the questions asked last week.  If your question is not answered from the document I post, please contact your student’s counselor. 

Shifting gears and the last Oscar note for the night, we will have a short week as we will be off on Friday and Monday next week celebrating Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays. 

Have a great week.  Mr. O.