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School Update for Summer 7-14-16


Summer Call (2106) to UCHS Students and Parents

Hello UC Centurion families!   Principal Olivero here letting you know that this is a big week for our students.  On Wednesday, July 20th, from the hours of 5 pm to 7 pm, front office staff and volunteers will be handing out registration packets that must be picked up and completed for the registration days held later in August. This is the last offering for the summer.

Also on the evening of the 20th, any student that was not a Standley or UCHS student last year, and has plans to take Spanish 3-4, Spanish 5-6, Spanish 7-8 next year, needs to take a Spanish assessment exam on the evening of 20th.  The test will take students roughly 30 minutes.  This same assessment can be taken by students on the morning of their scheduled registration day.  

Textbooks and books will also be collected this day and time for those who missed doing this in June. 

Back to the registration packets, please know the school will consider any packets not picked up by our students and their families as an indication that they will not be returning to UCHS.  As a result, a packet not picked up will potentially result in the student losing their seat in course they had requested in last spring. If you know in advance that you cannot make it to the final packet pickup day on the 20th, please email Principal Olivero at jolivero@sandi.net .

Some have asked about picking up a friend’s packet because they are not in town and are on family vacation.  A friend can pick up another student’s packet as long as they have a xerox copy of the parent’s driver’s license with a note letting the school know that they give permission for them to pick up the packet for them. 

If we have not seen you yet this summer, we look forward to seeing you all very soon. 

Mr. O. 

School Update for Summer 7-14-16 | University City



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