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School Update (Start Time for Next Year)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (02-19-2019)


Principal Olivero here.  I know, trifecta for sure- three straight nights. As I shared, there is a lot happening the next few weeks.   


The School Site Governance Team met a few weeks back to discuss what time to school should start next year. While they reached a preliminary decision to go to an early start time for next year with an early out option for Wednesdays, they requested we create a more informative survey to be given out to students, parents and staff.  One purpose of the survey is to better educate all stakeholders with regards to what the science is saying about the need for more sleep for teenagers.  Secondly, to gain a better understanding for how various start times impact various students, parents and staff based on where they live in San Diego. Clearly, whatever school start time is decided is likely to impact the lives of all stakeholders.


Posted on the school website is a NEW survey regarding a Healthy School Start time for students.  We ask that each student, each parent, and each staff member take the survey and read the corresponding links- references.  It’s extremely important to have this feedback so SSGT members can make the best possible decision. The survey will be open for one week.  Please make sure to go online and cast your views. 


Have a good evening and thank you for taking a third call in a row.  Mr. O.