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School Update (8-31-2017)


School Update (08-31-2017)


Principal Olivero here, I know, again, but if you do not have a student who takes the bus to school you can hang up. If you do have a student who takes the bus, please listen to the following message.   


As you know, the district changed their transportation policy two years ago.  For many years as a result of the federal requirement under No Child Left Behind, students from other parts of the city could attend a higher performing high school in another part of the city and there would be transportation provided.  Several years ago, this federal requirement ended and so did the funding to pay for school buses to move students from one part of the city to the other. 


Without extra funding to pay for the cost of busing, there was a decision two years ago to discontinue providing busing for students from other parts of the city.  The only exception to the new policy was for students who live in what is called a “VEEP” neighborhood.  Those who live in a VEEP neighborhood continue receive busing to and from school.  All other students attending UCHS have to provide their own transportation. This would be for resident students and Choice students.   


On Tuesday, we found out that Transportation services this summer changed and reduced their routes for the late activity stops for schools.  In the past, a student staying after school and participating in athletics, receiving tutoring, or participating in a club activity was picked up at school to be dropped out at the student’s local elementary school.  This year with the policy change there will be less stops and the drop off points for students.  Students will be dropped off  at their neighborhood middle schools.  Please know that this change in policy caught us off guard and we apologize that we were not able to share this change sooner.  We know this change will require our students to walk much greater distances to get home from their drop off points.  We are hoping the district will reconsider these new locations, but in the meantime, we wanted to make sure we have done our best to communicate the change for our students and their families. 


Have a great weekend and please let us know if we can answer any further questions.  Please contact Norma Smith at nsmith@sandi.net