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School Update (8-20-2017)


UCHS School Update (08-20-2017)


Good evening Centurions! There is a lot of information to share so hang in there.  If I get cut off, please visit the school website under school news for the entire text. 


This is it…it’s time for our Centurions to return to school to be registered for school. We will serve 12th graders in the morning and 10th graders in the afternoon for Monday, August 21st.  On Tuesday, we will serve 9th graders in the morning and 11th graders in the afternoon.  For students taking the bus to school, please check out the school website as we have posted both pick up and drop off times for students. In addition to turning in all paperwork, students will take their school photo ID picture at registration.  All should know that we will not process registration paperwork on Monday and Tuesday if a student still has books out or owes a fine for missing books.  We will have a station set up to let students/parents know if they still have books not returned. We now have our new finance person who will be available for financial transactions.  I know this station may surprise a few families, but we simply cannot know how many books we need for students without students turning in what they have still out. 


For Tuesday afternoon, for incoming 9th graders and new students to UCHS, if you are taking Spanish, please be prepared to take a 25 minute Spanish Assessment to make sure we have the right placement level for your course.   


At registration, students will receive a copy of the courses they requested.  For returning students, these are the same courses shown to students in June.  Based on our course requests, about 96% of all students received the courses they requested.  Please know that these will be the classes students are assigned to take unless there has been a scheduling error.  An example of a scheduling error would be a case where a student has already taken a class or needs a certain course for graduation. No other changes to course requests will be made as the master schedule was built based on student/parent decisions before school got out in June. 


Last, at registration there will be a banner to sign where we will ask students to claim what they HOPE for during the year.  This could be for world peace, more harmony in the nation, to even earning higher grades in school.  It can be anything a student hopes for in their life. 


As a recap for the coming week, here is information we hope our students and parents consider involving themselves in over the next week:


1. Monday and Tuesday- student registration.

2. Wednesday Morning- welcome back tunnel for returning and new UCHS staff (need students

    to meet at the flag pole by 8:00 am.  Students will be done by 8:30 am)

3. Thursday Night- new student orientation rally in the gym at 7pm. 

4. Friday Night- varsity football game at 6:30 pm (free for all students who have an ASB card).

5. Saturday Morning- campus beautification project (meet at 9am at the front office to create

    weed pulling teams. Hoping for 100 people so we can be done weed pulling by 10 am.)  


I am very excited to get started this week and look forward to see our new and returning Centurions.  UC U-know!!!    Mr. O.