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School Update (5-23-2018)

School Update (05-23-2018)

Dear Students, Parents and UCHS Staff,

We had an incident occur last week in which a swastika was painted on one of our bathroom floors. This symbol is offensive and hurtful, and will not be tolerated at UC High School. Any student found participating in hurtful actions will face discipline.


Our school has always embraced different cultures, religions and interests, and we are constantly working with our young people to help them with their social-emotional and academic development. Our lessons and curriculum address race, prejudice, and tolerance. We have more than 50 clubs on campus that celebrate various races and interests, including an active Anti-Defamation League club where students learn about prejudice and discrimination, then teach lessons to other students.


Please take this opportunity to talk with your student about hate speech, and how it can be harmful to their fellow students. We are proud of our students and know that the misguidance of one student does not represent the entire student body.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our school.


Regards, Mr. O.