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School Update (5-20-2018)

School Update (05-20-2018)

Principal Olivero here with a school update.   

As you know, there was another school shooting in Texas on Friday.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the impacted students, staff, and families.  Please know that school safety continues to be a top priority at our school.  We have taken some steps to make us more secure. It is clear that prevention is our best option for helping students in stress for those who feel isolated and disconnected.

Over the next two weeks, UCHS will have block scheduling to allow time for state testing for juniors.  These exams are extremely important to our juniors as their scores are used by colleges to determine their skill levels and readiness in Math and in English.

Because we will use the computers in the media center for state testing, the media center and library will be closed to students, staff and parents for the next two weeks. To access the attendance office, counselors, administrators, etc., please use room 427. This is the side door to the media center found along the west side of the building. 

On Monday, May 21st and Tuesday, May 22nd, the PTSA will host the Senior Life Skills Workshops.  Seniors will hear from a number of speakers regarding various topics such as money management, career exploration, interview skills, etc.  Please know that on Tuesday, May 22nd, VP Jo McGlin and I will cover one topic dealing with consent in regards to personal relationships. We covered this topic with students two years ago, but feel the need to again share this important information with our seniors before they begin their journey into adulthood.  Should you not want your student present for this conversation, please email me by 3pm on Monday, May 21st.      

Have a great week, Mr. O.