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School Update (4-30-2018)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (4-30-2018)

Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 

On Wednesday, May 2nd at 2:30 pm, the school’s School Site Governance Team will be meeting to discuss and vote on two topics: school cell phone policy and later start time for Weds. (early out days) for next year.  The proposed cell phone policy is posted on the school website. If you have not already done so, please review it and provide feedback to SSGT members before the meeting on May 2nd.    

The SSGT already approved a later start time for Wednesdays next year (school start time at 8:30 am), but the district stated that in order for transportation to be able to make the times work, our school would need to start later at 8:50 am, versus 8:30 am. The SSGT vote on May 2nd will be to start school at 8:50 am, on Wednesdays.   

This Friday, at 7:15 am, the PTSA and the school, will be recognizing our special volunteers who help so graciously throughout the school year.  We simply could not provide our students and staff the help they need without your efforts.  PTSA will be giving out awards and the school will be providing a continental breakfast. Hope our volunteers can make it. I know senior parents know it’s their turn to get my baked chocolate chip cookies.

The month of May will be our testing month.  AP exams will happen between May 7th through May 17th, and the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), will be from May 21st through June 1st.  The juniors will take the ELA and math assessments and the seniors will be piloting the science assessment. Just to know, for juniors, these exams are extremely important. The results are used by colleges and universities to determine English and math placement. 

For the California assessments, May 1st though June 1st, we will have a block schedule for these days.  The exception is for May 23rd, which will be a full 6th period day schedule. 

Have a great week.   -