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School Update (4-12-2016)



Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.


Tonight, at 7pm, in the media center, parents and their athletes are invited to hear the school’s Athletic Trainer, Kim Phillips, talk about concussion protocols and the latest research surrounding head concussions. Some may have seen the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith who portrays a doctor who is shunned as he seeks to expose the possible long-term impact of head injuries in the NFL.  We thank the Centurion Foundation for hosting this evening’s event as we all have a role to play in making sure our students are safe now and in the future.


This week the UCHS Performing Arts and Music Department is presenting the “Little Shop of Horrors.”  Please visit the school website to order your seat or pay at the box office.  The show plays Wednesday night through Friday night.  As a special acknowledgment, if you are a frequent school volunteer, Thursday night we are honoring you and other our hard-working volunteers by paying for half of the cost of a theater ticket for you.  Please email Marie Byrd, at mbyrd@sandi.net, for the discount coupon code to for a discounted ticket.  For all, please don’t miss this this incredible opportunity to see live music with student performances.    


Next week, all students will have the opportunity to take a school climate survey that asks students about their attitudes and experiences related to body image, LGBTQ, racism, sexism, gender bias, bullying and feeling safe at school.  Students will be taking the survey in their English classes.  Please know that this survey is not mandatory and is voluntary.  Should you not want your student to participate, or your student does not wish to take the survey, please notify Vice Principal Jo McGlin at jmcglin@sandi.net ASAP.  We have also posted more information in School News about the survey and web links tied to the survey.   


Clap it up, for the parents of seniors, please make sure to look up the Senior Activities posted on the school website under the tab: Student Life.  Once to the page for senior activities, please open the Senior Bulletin posted on 4-5-2016.  The Senior Bulletin has all the relevant information leading up to the day of graduation on June 21, 2016, at 2 pm.  This will be a critical document or web link to have over the next several months as we lead our way towards graduation.    


Have a great evening and we hope to see you all at a show this week.  – Mr. O.