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School Update (4-06-2016)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (04-06-2016)

Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.

On Friday, April 8th, the PTSA will hold their monthly meeting.  As a result of Earth Day, they have invited Emily Nelson who will be the key speaker to discuss “I Love a Clean San Diego.” At their meeting, they will also be voting in new PTSA representatives.  And yes, your vote matters. 

Please know that before spring break, we decided to order a translation device that will allow us to conduct parent meetings in two languages. With the help of staff who are fluent in Spanish, our staff will have a special designed headset and microphone where they can translate what is being said or asked so that our Spanish speaking parents can also feel more included in conversations.  We will try out the new device at the PTSA meeting Friday morning.  The meeting will start at 7:15 am.  

About a month ago, one of our students had a bike accident out by the front traffic light on his way to school. Please know the student is back in school but there still remains a question as to what actually happened at the front corner.  We know the student was crossing at the cross walk with his bike, but we are not sure what caused him to fall off his bike.  The parents have requested that I ask to see if anyone saw what actually happened.  If you were at the light and saw what happened, can you email me so I can forward the information to the parents?  I know they would appreciate it.

For your calendar, we have three important events for the month of April parents ought to know. First, all are invited to the school’s musical, Little Shop of Horrors next week.  Please check the school website for show times.  Second, on Wednesday, April 13th, over 26 college and university representatives will be on campus for a lunch time College Fair hosted by our counseling department.  Third, on Tuesday, April 26th, the students and parents of students planning to take a community college class for next year need to attend an important College Night evening meeting to discuss the to do’s for the courses for next year. This is a semi-mandatory meeting so please plan now so that the student and parent can be in attendance.  With all the new college classes being added, we need to make sure all understand the high school and college guidelines.     

Last, I have attached to the school website a construction update for some of the work being competed around school.  Please visit the school website and school news if you are curious about construction timelines. 

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable week. 

-Mr. O.