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School Update (3-14-2017)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (03-14-2017)


Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a school update.


Please know that the deadline for ordering and paying for AP exams is Thursday, March 23rd, by 3 pm.  Our expectation is that all students in AP classes take their May exams.  If a student is a Free and Reduced lunch student, their cost is $5 dollars per test.  Please visit the web address aptestservice.com/uchs to order your exam. 


I want to again share my twitter account for the school.  I encourage everyone to get an account and add me as theirs account as I use twitter as my first resource to deliver current and updated information about school happenings.  My account is: Jeff Olivero @MrOatUCHS


Have a great week and remember The Addams Family is coming next week to the school’s theater.  Be sure to visit the school website to order tickets that features our very own actors and actresses and musicians. 


Have a great week, Mr. O.