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School Update (3-10-2017)


Good afternoon, this morning a student asked some questions about the size of the gym, the number of exits, and the number of students in the school.  These questions seemed suspicious and this information was brought forward to the school's administration.

As a result, school police and administrators have talked to the students who heard the conversation and have talked with the student involved.  This process involved school police detaining the student, as is the normal protocol when dealing with an unknown threat, until it was clearly understood the student was not a threat nor was there any concerns related to what the student shared with other students. 

The student asking the questions shared that they were asking about the capacity of the gym in relation to fire codes.  The student was released without incident.

I am posting this information this afternoon as rumors continue despite there really not being a story.

To clarify for all… no guns, no lockdown, no threats, no story.