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School Update 2-9-2016


Get Involved and Stay Informed (02-09-2016)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.  


On Tuesday, February 16th, at 2:30 pm, and at 6:00 pm, I will be conducting meetings for all stakeholders to discuss the 2016-17 school budget.  As part of what is termed Local Control Funding Formula, stakeholders are encouraged to discuss funding priorities based on the allocations given to a school. As many know, the vast majority of school funding (about 95%) it tied to personnel costs.  The other 5% ($227,559) has to be decided by the principal- based on stakeholder known priorities. 


I know I am frequently approached by various groups wanting to know why there are more funds for certain activities and why there seems to be a constant need for fund raising among parents.  To this ongoing challenge, I will share that California ranks one of the last in terms of funding per pupil for all 50 states.   


I encourage all to participate in these meetings as I think it’s important that all understand how the funds are being used and for what purpose.  


As you know, students will be off Friday and Monday to celebrate the Presidential Weekend! However, before we break for the weekend, on Thursday night, February 11th, the PTSA is hosting an evening with Richard Lederer.  Richard is a linguist, author, and columnist who discusses historical facts in a fun and entertaining manner.  There are two shows planned: one will be at 4:30 pm and the other will be at 6:30 pm.  There is a planned potluck in between shows so plan on bringing something! This should be a fun evening.  See you there!


If I do not see you all Thursday night, have a great weekend and enjoy the four-day weekend. 


Mr. O.