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School Update (12-6-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (12-06-2017)


Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 


Check this out… this week I was made aware that UCHS is ranked as the top high school in San Diego Unified School District and the tenth best high school in San Diego County according to niche.com.  The niche organization looks at factors like: academic success; quality of teachers; diversity of students served; preparing students for college; and number of clubs and activities for students. There are over 118 public high schools in San Diego County, so being in the top 10 is worth acknowledging and mentioning - not to mention how what this type of information drives up local home prices.       


Soon to be posted on the school website will be a survey that we want all students, staff and parents to take.  Last week the School Site Governance Team (SSGT) met and decided to further investigate the possibility of starting school later in the morning next year. 


Attached on the school’s website are various articles citing research that shows high school teenagers are not getting enough sleep based on their biological clocks (circadian rhythms). The research shows there are real impacts on teenagers as a result of not getting enough sleep. With this research in mind, the SSGT wants to see how school stakeholders feel about the possibility of starting school somewhere between the hours of 8 and 8:30 am.  All should know that with a later starting time, there are pros and cons involved.  Before responding to the online survey, we ask all stakeholders review the articles and educate themselves on how a change may impact their student or them.   


Just to know, we are holding a stakeholder meeting on Wednesday, December 13th, at 6pm, to answer any questions students, staff, and parents may have regarding the possible change in school starting time for UCHS.  All are encouraged to read the attached links on the school website and attend the nighttime meeting to learn more.  SSGT members will be on hand to hear the feedback provided at the December 13th meeting.       


This Friday, December 8th, students will receive their second progress report card grades for the first semester.  Please contact your student’s teachers and counselor if you have any questions about their progress. 


Not wanting to leave out our highly successful teams on campus, special shout out to our female and male cross country teams.  At the CIF Finals, the Girls’ Team of runners took 2nd and later competed at State, and took 9th place.  There were over 300 teams in Division III and taking 9th is extremely impressive.  In individual efforts, Elise Boisvert finished in the top 20 for the girls, and Alex Halter qualified for State and took 47th for the boys. It was another great season under the direction of Head Coach Gemi McCarthy who now has 20 straight years of having runners compete for state titles.    


Have a great week and please look for the progress grades this week.  Mr. O.