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School Update (12-19-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (12-19-2018)


Happy Holidays everyone, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 


First, let me thank our incredible parents and our outstanding PTSA for an amazing breakfast for staff this morning.  The staff was blown away with the spread cooked up for us and to also receive presents from our Secret Cents made the morning very special.  I also need to add my appreciation as my of you have also donated some for our families who are in need for the holidays. Without a doubt the extra support our school receives from our community is extraordinary.


If you did not see it on the news this morning, we had a bus (Bus C) that got rear-ended on the way to school this morning.  As a result of the accident, one bus driver and 39 students were sent to Scripps La Jolla Hospital to be evaluated.  Most all students were picked up by their parents and released after being evaluated.  As of 5 pm all but two had left the hospital, with two staying behind to receive further evaluation.  Our sincere thanks go to the CHP, the paramedics and amazing health care workers at Scripps La Jolla. They treated our Cents and their parents with deep care and devotion. It didn’t hurt that we had three or four current and former parents and two former students helping take care of our young Centurions. We couldn’t have had better treatment from our local hospital. Had it been on another day, we would have likely have had our own bio-med students helping as they are interning at Scripps La Jolla. 


Tomorrow night, December 20th, will be the annual Winter Concert presented by our Music Department and tickets will be sold at the door and all are invited to hear some very familiar holiday sounds. 


Friday, December 21st, will be our last school day for the calendar year.  We have planned an extended school lunch as most of our clubs (almost 70 of them) will be selling various cultural foods and drinks.  Our next school day will be Monday. January 7th, 2019.   


On behalf of the staff, we wish everyone a very safe and relaxing winter break.  See you in 2019, if we don’t see you sooner.


Mr. O.