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School Update (12-11-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (12-11-2018)


Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 


The next two Wednesdays are late start days.  Each morning we have around 25-35 students who arrive late to school.  On late start Wednesdays this number jumps to 50-60 students late to school.  While we are starting school later in the morning, there could be more traffic to contend with on these days.  Please make sure your student adjusts their schedule by having them start their way to school sooner. 


Tomorrow UCHS will host the Class of 2023 students from Standley Middle School.  Over 350 8th graders will be walking down the hill to meet with our students to learn about our course offerings, clubs, and extracurricular opportunities.  Clap it up for the Class of 2023! 


This week we learned that our fall Girls’ Field Hockey Team earned CIF All-Academic Team Honors.  Their combined GPA was the highest for their sport in CIF.  Lauren Stack on the team is recognized as she is carrying a weighted GPA of 4.79.  Well done ladies!


As we move closer to winter break, I ask that we check in with our kids.  Very often some students can have heightened anxiety and depression during this time of year.  Students and adults for that matter need to know that they are not alone and that it’s easy to feel like everyone else has a perfect life while often what we see is not always true.  Please make sure to pay attention to the needs of those around you. 


Last, we learned this week that 12 students were selected to represent the school District’s Honor Band and 8 were selected to represent the District’s Honor Orchestra.  Both of these groups represent an all-star selection for being selected to represent the school District’s very best in music. 


Have a great week.  Mr. O.