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School Update (12-08-2015)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (12-08-2015)

Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.

Please know that on Friday, December 11th, second progress report grades will be posted on ParentSchool so be sure to monitor the progress of your student.  If there are questions about a grade for a class, please make sure to contact the teacher via email.  We will also be giving out hard copy progress reports for students on Friday.  Please look for them.

Please know that school safety is our most important responsibility.  Posted on the school webpage under school news, I have provided parents a sample letter should the school ever need to go into a lockdown status.  Given the increased threat to public locations, I think it’s important that we know in advance how we will react to certain threats.  Please take the time to check out the sample communications. 

As a facility update, I am told that driving access between the south and north parking lots will be opened this week.  We ask that all obey the traffic markings as there will still be some construction in progress.  I am also told that we are a few months away from gaining access to the new pedestrian walkway from the traffic corner leading up to school.  Last, today I was able to ask some students about the color we should use for the new replacement lockers coming in as we hope to have the new school lockers installed by mid-April.    

I know, a short update this week…I just might be banking some extra time for next week.   Have a great evening and better week! 

Mr. O.