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School Update (11-13-2019)


School Update (11-13-2019)


Principal Olivero here with a School Update.   


Just to keep everyone updated, the staff met last Wednesday to talk about an alternative bell schedule for next year that would have changed the school schedule to a 4 classes one day and 4 classes the next.  A total of 8 classes for the first semester and another 8 classes the second.  This would equate to 16 total credits for the school year. With our current schedule students can take six classes a semester and earn 12 credits for the year. The staff considered the pros and cons to each type of schedule, each has them, and ultimately decided that keeping the current schedule, although it will be more challenging for student athletes next year, is what’s best overall for the school. Ninety-eight percent of the staff approved of keeping the same schedule for next year.  If you would like a chart showing the pros and cons to each schedule, please email Sarah Myers at smyers1@sandi.net. 


By keeping the same schedule students will be asked in the coming months to select classes for the next school year.  Part of this will be for certain athletes to decide whether they want a 6th period athletics class, versus another course option.  For 9th and 10th graders, if they are a multiple sport athlete, they can decide whether to take a regular PE class, JROTC, or a 6th period athletics class.  Because of the late time school ends and sporting events still are schedule to start at 3:30 pm and students on games days will likely miss their 6th period class and for some, a portion of their 5th period class. Some students will be able to handle missed instruction time and others maybe more challenged by it. Having a 6th period athletics class can help as students will not miss instruction 6th period because of game days. 


For our seniors this is College Application Week and counselors are helping students at lunch in the media center with any application questions they may have.  Just a word wise… do not wait to ask a teacher or counselor for a recommendation letter. The early bird gets the worm and with so many students needing recommendation letters, it’s nor reasonable for an educator to suddenly have to stop what they need to do because a student’s deadline is at 12 pm. Please plan ahead.    


Last, I need to share an exciting weekend is ahead for our award winning competition marching band.  In every tournament they have competed in this fall they have taken first place. They have done so well that this Saturday they have been asked to compete for a Division II Southern California State Championship. There will be ten bands completion for the top spot and right now UCHS is right in the mix. It will be in Los Angeles Saturday representing San Diego County as the top Division II Band.  Clap it up!!!   We wish them the very best!!   


Have a great week!  Mr. O.