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School Update (11-05-2019)


School Update (11-05-2019)


Principal Olivero here with a School Update.   


Last week the School Site Governance Team (SSGT) met to talk about the Healthy Start time expected for San Diego Unified School District high schools next year.  UCHS is expected to start anywhere between 8:35 am to 9:10 am.  We should hear from the District by January for the school’s official start time for next year. 


The SSGT was able to hear many of the challenges expected for our students, particularly our student athletes that participate in a sport that needs daylight.  One option the SSGT members talked about what changing the school schedule to a system where students have 4 classes on one day and another 4 classes the next.  In other words, classes meet every other day for 90 minutes. This type of schedule helps many and yet still causes challenges for others. Student athletes could reserve the last period of the day for athletics and still keep the prior six classes in their normal schedule.  Regardless of whether we keep the same schedule, but start it later in the morning, or go to an alternative schedule, students are going to be impacted.  Some will find the change an improvement for them and other will find the opposite. 


Please stay tuned-in as we continue to dialog about what’s best for the most.  The teaching staff will spend some time in the monthly staff meeting tomorrow afternoon talking about the pros and cons to various student schedules.   


As a reminder, this Friday, November 8th, will be the last day for students to pay for their AP exams.  This needs to be done online. Please visit the school website for more information for how to go online to order exams for students.  It can be found under the counseling tab. 


We do not want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but our marching band, color guard, and percussion groups are killing it at the local competitions. They have their sights on the state competition again slatted for later this month.  Good luck Centurion Sound! 


Have a great week!  Mr. O.