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School Update (10-23-2019)


School Update (10-23-2019)


Principal Olivero here with a quick note about a few items. 


Today at 4:30 pm, at UCHS, there will be a UC Cluster conversation about LCAP.  LCAP is the process by which the state and district determine how best to utilize school funding.  The meeting in the media center will allow stakeholders an opportunity to express their views for what programs should be continue, what programs should start, and what programs should end. There are a number of opportunities for parents to express their views to the district; this is one of the opportunities. Ultimately, the BOE decides how to apportion school funding for next year. All are invited to this afternoon meeting.     


As a reminder, tonight is senior college night. All seniors and their parents should plan to attend to learn about the college application process and financial aid.  We will have Spanish translation services available.  This meeting starts at 6 pm in the auditorium. 


This coming Monday, October 28th, at 2:30 pm, we will hold a School Site Governance Team meeting. One of the main topics will deal with the new Healthy Late Start decision for the next school year.  We are being told the school start time next will be anywhere between 8:35 am to 9:10 am.  The determination will be made by transportation as they have to coordinate their schedules to optimize their efficiency and keep costs down. 


The School Site Governance Team is meeting to begin dialog as to how this change could impact students depending on the classes they want to take and whether they participate in an athletic sport. The reality is that there is only so many daylight hours. If we were to start school at 9:00 am, school would get out a 3:54 pm. As most know with daylight savings time, it will get dark at 5 pm. At this point the district is not allowing schools to have athletic team practices before their school start time. Additionally, we are told that starting some classes early in a zero period format is also not possible. 


Please remember the reason for changing the school start time is to allow teenagers the opportunity to get the proper amount of sleep.  The research shows a teenager’s circadian rhythm is not in sync for the school start time as it is. The research shows that for most teens their bodies are not ready for sleep before 10 pm. Because students are not tired before 10 pm, they stay up later and are still forced to get up early for school.  The healthy school late start time is to help students be more awake, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and help with other sleep related side effects. 


So as we start looking at the start time change for next year, there are important discussions to be had as to who will be impacted and how best we can increase student options. Some students may very well be required to choose between staying in an elective course area or give up a sport they want to play.


We will start this important conversation at the SSGT meeting on Monday, October 28th. 


I will see out seniors tonight.  Thanks, Mr. O.