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School Update (10-17-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (10-17-2018)

Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 

Many of you may have noticed today that we closed the cattle gate entrance after school.  This caused a bit of a back-up for cars wanting to exit school and we apologize for this inconvenience.  This afternoon we learned that a music rapper was to set up after school in our  school parking lot to have an impromptu concert.  This was an unsanctioned outside event planned on our campus without prior knowledge or approval.  About 5 minutes before the dismissal time from school, we located the apparent rapper who had three vehicles parked by the front area near the stadium. One of the sedans had speakers on the roof of the car.

When I approached the vehicles I did not recognize the individuals in the cars. I was able to express to one driver that they were not authorized to be on campus and needed to be off campus before the end of the school day.  These individuals drove off campus and parked along Genesee Ave. across from the school’s traffic light. We had about 50 students who heard about the impromptu concert and made their way across Genesee to see and hear the rapper. After about 20 minutes in the canyon area, the students and rapper departed.     

We had heard about the impromptu concert we did not know how many to expect and how many outside people might try to come on our campus.  As a result, we decided to close the cattle gate and place a campus security staff person at the entrance to the school.  Temporarily closing the cattle gate allowed us a bit of time to figure where and how many people were involved. 

We again apologize for the inconvenience and know we would not close off a busy exit without a good purpose. Our ultimate responsibility is to keep our students safe.         

In other school news, progress report cards will be given out to students on Friday.  Please check backpacks and ask your students for these. 

I also need to share that we are in transition with office staff, administration and counselors.  You heard right, we are finally moving back into the newly renovated front offices.  We hope to have all staff moved by the end of the week.  While there may be some construction fencing up and around the stairs and front of the office, the backside that extends to the quad will be open for students and parents starting Monday. 

Just a reminder, it’s homecoming week.  Hope to see you at the game Friday night and the dance is Saturday night in the gym.  Mr. O.