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School Update (10-17-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (10-17-2017)


Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 


Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18th, counselors will be visiting all English classes to discuss Mental Health Awareness.  Part of this conversation will be what has been formally termed “Yellow Ribbon” suicide awareness month.  Students will be given information as to how to support themselves and their friends if they are in crisis.  Because these kind of conversations can trigger emotional responses from some students, each parent should to notify an administrator (by Wednesday morning) should they not want their student participating in these classroom conversations. 


This Thursday, October 19th, will be the statewide CA Shakeout at 10:19 am.  At 10:19 am, the school will conduct an Earthquake drill.  After practicing the duck and cover position, students will be asked to evacuate and reunite at a relocation placement on campus.  As students move to their new location free from building structures, staff members will be divided into search and rescue teams and other staff members systematically account for all students, staff and visitors on campus.  Because of this schedule drill, we ask that all parents needing to pick up their student do so before 10:19 am or after 11:15 am. 


Working without a School Site Tech person on campus, we hope to get the grades stored and printed this Friday, October 20th, so parents can review their student’s first progress report for the semester.  Parents are asked to have their student show them their grades this weekend.  Parents are encouraged to email their student’s teachers should they need additional information for how to support their student. 


The homecoming football game and dance will be this Friday.  The game starts at 6pm and the dance right afterwards.  The dance ends at 11pm and parents are asked to be their waiting so that school staff can be released at a reasonable time. 


Speaking of the homecoming game, we are very excited to announce that that the Centurion Foundation school “brick” campaign is ready and the tiles purchased by families and graduates have been placed one the base of the tower wall upon entrance into the stadium.  Please check it out on your way in to the game Friday night.  Clap it up are in order for the Centurion Foundation and Kurt Meeder for spearheading the campaign.    


Have a good evening.  -Mr. O.