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School Update (10-11-2016)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (10-11-2016)


Good evening!  This is Principal Olivero providing your weekly school update. 


Tonight at 7 pm the Centurion Foundation is pleased to present an NCAA informational evening in the Media Center.  Two representatives from SDSU - Bobby Smitheran and Ashley Sloper - will speak to both parents and students on Division I and II eligibility and the admissions process. We encourage all interested student-athletes and their parents to attend. 


Friday, October 14, 2016, is the last day for first progress report grades.  Grades will be posted soon on ParentSchool so be sure to monitor the progress of your student.  Additionally, hard copy progress report grades will be given to students to take home Friday, October 21st. 


Last week the mandatory Federal Survey cards were given to students to take home and be completed by parents.  As a reminder, please have your student submit their yellow Federal Survey Card if they have not already done so. 


This last one is really important in that we haven’t had any success yet getting parents to volunteer for the upcoming PSAT on Wednesday, October 19th from 7:30 am-Noon.  Normally we have a lot of parents helping us, but because parents can’t help if their student is taking the test, as stated by the College Board, this eliminates a large number of our frequent volunteers.  For this reason we're reaching out to our 9th and 12th grade parents.  Please, if you can lend a hand, it would be a huge help!

There are two shifts available.  So check this out senior parents.  If you volunteer for both shifts, you will receive a guaranteed parking spot at Graduation!  As you may have heard, parking is extremely limited, and we have to distribute parking passes via lottery style. Not everyone will receive a pass, so this is an opportunity for you to secure a guaranteed a parking spot and reduce some of the stress on Graduation Day!  Remember, you must volunteer for both shifts and you cannot have a student taking the PSAT at any school.  Please pass this along to any parents of seniors who might be interested in volunteering. 

To volunteer for the PSAT, there is sign-up link on the home page of the school website.  Thank you!

Have a great week, Mr. O.