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School Update (10-05-2018)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (10-05-2018)


Principal Olivero here with an early call out for next week.  On Monday, October 8, 2018, we will hold our first School Site Governance Team (SSGT) for the year. The meeting will be held after school at 2:30 pm.  There is one item we need to vote on and approve and that’s the school’s Site Safety Plan.  There will be a presentation by Vice Principal Jo McGlin where she will go over the community crime data near the school, crime data on campus, as well as the school’s safety plans for dealing with emergencies.  This presentation typically takes about 45 minutes. 


After the school safety plan presentation and vote, the SSGT will begin to have a conversation about the school’s dress code policy.  I am sharing this information as I know there is a lot of interest in perhaps updating the dress code policy for the school. While the SSGT meeting starts at 2:30 pm, those interested in the topic of dress code should plan to be at school in the media center at 3:15 pm.  At the Monday SSGT meeting, no decision will be made as any change to the policy will likely need greater input from students, staff and community.  This is, however, to let everyone know that a conversation regarding the school dress code is beginning. 


Have a great weekend.  Go Cents!  Mr. O