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School Update (10-02-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (10-02-2018)


Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.  I will first provide some dates and events to know this week and then share some important information about teen mental health awareness. If this message gets cut off, please check your email or visit the school website under “School News” to hear this entire message being sent home.   


This Wednesday, October 3rd, will be a late start Wednesday.  While we are starting later in the morning, students are encouraged to come in early (7:20 am to 8:40 am) to meet with their teachers if they are in need of extra help.  Bus pick up times for tomorrow will be on an early day schedule to make sure students are at school who may want help from their teachers.     


The support time Wednesday is designed to allow students the opportunity to speak with their teachers about retaking tests, completing projects, assignments, or maybe completing extra credit work.


Also on Wednesday, October 3rd, students in their first period class will receive the annual Federal Survey cards required from each family.  We ask that parents complete the survey cards and have their students return them to their first period class ASAP. 


Thursday night, October 4th, at 6 pm in the media center, we will hold a meeting to discuss mental health and supports at UCHS. After this meeting all are invited to stay for this month’s PTSA meeting.  Guest speaker, Dr. Amanda Hirko, will discuss navigating the college admissions process and tips on college preparedness.  This will be followed by UC’s College night for seniors on Thursday, October 11th.  


Shifting back to the topic of teen mental health awareness, recent surveys from our students show that 33% are reporting chronic sadness and helpless feelings.  Another 14% have experienced suicidal ideations.  These percentages have risen dramatically over the last 8-10 years for teens in the United States.  The numbers reported from our 9th and 11th grade students are a cause for concern for parents as well as for our entire school community.         


At our mental health awareness meeting Thursday night, we will preview a series of short film clips that deal with stress, anxiety, depression and suicide.  These short films will be shown to students in their period four class next week. Parents have an opportunity to view the films in advance by coming to the meeting Thursday night or visiting the front page of the school website. Should a parent not want their student to see the films, please email an administrator by Sunday, October 7th. At Thursday night’s meeting we will share some of the new supports being implemented this school year. In brief, we have added another counselor to the school team, we are continuing to provide an after school drug and alcohol intervention program on campus, and we are contracting with an outside agency, Mending Matters, to provide group and one-on-one counseling for students. This spring we will also be working with SAY San Diego to offer a series of parent meetings and classroom presentations.    


All are invited Thursday night as we begin this important dialogue about what’s happening with our teens. 


Have a good evening, Mr. O