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School Update (1-26-2016)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (01-26-2016)

Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.  This is a rather long message so please check the school website if you get cut off.   

Semester Finals will start tomorrow and will last through Friday.  We have asked that all teachers provide students with a final exam or project experience.  We think it’s important that our students experience an academic environment that requires them to use some time management skills in their preparation.  We believe these experiences will help them in their transition to college. 

On Thursday afternoon, at 2:30 pm, the School Site Governance Team will be meeting to discuss and vote on some new course offerings for next year.  Specifically, we want to add eight new college classes open to some juniors and seniors. While many of our students think they will be attending a four-year school, about 40% of each graduating class attends a community college after high school. Most of the new classes are designed to bridge the college experience for students who will attending a community college out of high school.

In addition to the new college classes, UCHS wants to propose that we offer two new career pathways for our students.  This would be a new Engineering and Design Pathway and a Software and Systems Development Pathway.  For those not familiar with pathways, students take a sequence of classes in each grade level that is designed to help them pursue a future career.  This sometimes includes an internship experience in an industry area. We think the new pathways will better match the interest of students and better match the marketability of skills for jobs in industry.   

Speaking of classes, next week the counselors will be meeting with all students to discuss what courses to take next year.  To help educate our parents, UC’s counseling team will be holding a meeting next Thursday night, February 4th, at 6 pm in the auditorium.  All are encouraged to attend to hear more about course options for students.  Please also know that we will soon post an update to The Forum.  The Forum describes all the classes offered at UCHS and has been reorganized by grade level.  Here is the key to know, whatever class is chosen by a student and their parent, the student will not be able to change the class or class level they signed up to take.  Many times students rethink what they signed up for over the summer then want to change their request.  This option will not be available to students as we will be determining the number of classes offered based on the initial requests made by students.      

Earlier next Thursday Night, on February 4th, the PTSA will be holding their monthly meeting in the Media Center at 5pm.  They will be featuring guest speaker, Kristen Paruginog.  Kristen will be on hand to talk about Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence.  February is Teen Dating Awareness month and the PTSA wanted to align this topic to providing greater awareness for our students and their families.  I know this is a major topic for college campuses right now.    

Have a great week and please make sure our students are rested and ready!!!