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School Update (09-27-2016)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (09-7-27-2016)

Good evening!  This is Principal Olivero providing your weekly school update. 

Please know that school safety is our number one priority.  Recently, during the morning drop off period, we have noticed more parents dropping off their student along Genesee Ave. This folks is a major no-no.  While not ideal because of the length of the turn light, the new front entrance was designed to allow more student drop off in a safe loading zone.  When parents decide to drop off in the wrong locations, it does a number of things: it creates a safety hazard as other drivers coming down Genesee are not expecting a sudden stop or sudden advancement from the red curb area; it causes others to follow the same misguided thinking as if to say, well, I’m late too and they did it; and it sends a message to our students that rules are only for those who see a need to follow them.  I am told we actually had a parent drop off a student on the curb of the island on Genesee.  Please, please do everyone a favor and start the day five minutes earlier so that all can follow the necessary safety protocols.    

As shared before, the PSAT for students in grades 9 through 11 is coming up Wednesday, October 19th.  The cost for students in grade 10 is free.  The cost for students in grades 9 and 11 will be $15. The $15 dollars needed from students in grades 9 and 11 needs to go to the school’s finance office so that the tests can be ordered.  The deadline for payment is Wednesday, Oct. 5th. 

This Saturday, October 1st, will be the popular Oktoberfest.  This is EdUCate’s 8th annual celebration where live music, food and drinks and games will be available to all.  This event directly supports the 5 school in the UC cluster.  UCHS alone receives around $14,000 a year as a result of this event.  The school bought student computers with this money last year.  Please participate as the event is fun and also supports the schools.  By the way, there is a principal challenge each year were the five principals square off in a little healthy competition.  And I might add that winner’s crown has found a home at UCHS.  Just saying!!!

Next Wednesday night, October 5th, the Counseling Department will hold their annual College Night in the auditorium.  This will be an important meeting- particularly for our seniors and their parents. Please reserve this important date.

On Thursday night, October 6th, the PTSA meeting and principal chat will be held in southeast San Diego, at Zamorano Elementary School at 6:30 pm.  The purpose of the meeting will be to provide access to getting parents involved and informed regarding school events and activities.  We are moving the meeting to an evening time slot and location to allow those who normally can’t make the early Friday morning meeting time.  Please plan to attend as we will also have translation services in Spanish available.

Last, we did not get enough parents to step forward to serve for our important School Site Council.  Please email me at jolivero@sandi.net  if you are available to serve.  The group meets 6 times a year after school and discusses the over-all school budget and how the school is targeting supports for student success. 

Have a great week and follow the drop off rules and hope to see you Saturday at the Oktoberfest. 

-Mr. O.