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School Update (09-20-2016)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (09-7-20-2016)


Good evening!  This is Principal Olivero providing your weekly school update. 


This is a big week.  This Thursday, September 22nd, starting at 5 pm, we will hold our annual Back-to-School Night.  At 5 pm, the Food Trucks will be here to start selling food.  From 5pm to 6pm there will be a number of meetings which includes ELAC and Title I, School Site Governance Team Parent Elections, Student Clubs, and a host of other presentations.  Room visitations will begin promptly at 6:15 pm.  Please know that finding a parking place will be a challenge.  There is a football Thursday afternoon and with the Back-to-School Night crowds, we suggest all parents arrive earlier than normal to find available parking on or off campus.  Please don’t use the lack of parking to excuse missing this important event for our parents… please plan ahead and expect parking to be a challenge. 


Also regarding Back-to School Night, a letter was sent home to parents, via their student, that outlines the evening’s events in greater detail.  As part of this letter students were asked to write down their schedule so that parents know what classes and periods to attend.  We will have extra schedules in the attendance office, but just know we are counting parent tardies.  As we say to the kids, walk and talk… don’t be late!      


Please be aware some students are calling their parents when they are sick or need to go home as a result.  This is ok to do but only after the nurse has seen the student.  What’s happening is parents are picking up their students from school without any involvement of our school health office.  We only find out after the fact that a student left with someone.  Please make sure students are cleared to leave from campus staff.  Thank you!


This Thursday, September 22, is also picture make up day.  Any student who missed registration and did not take their picture, which means they also do not have a student ID, needs to get their picture taken on Thursday. 


Ok, I am told some hang up about this time in the phone call.  If you did last week, you missed a major blunder I made.  Ha, sorry, you missed it, you never know… please keep listening each phone call. 


Just a few more notes to share: Coming up will be the PSAT for students in grades 9 through 11.  The PSAT is offered on campus on Wednesday, October 19th.  The cost for students in grade 10 is free.  The cost for students in grades 9 and 11 will be $15. The $15 dollars needed from students in grades 9 and 11 needs to go to the school’s finance office so that the tests can be ordered.   


Last, I am sad to report that our enrollment came in lower than what was projected by the demographer.  The district provided staffing for 1877 students and it came in at 1796.  What does this mean?  It means that in a few weeks we will need to reduce teachers and class sections to meet the required staffing based on our enrollment count.   Realistically, we need to eliminate 9 classes.  The result of this will impact about 4% of our students.  Within the next few weeks we will be deciding which classes to collapse and this will result in some students needing to change teachers.  We realize that no one wants to have classes changed during week 6 of a school year.  While this is the case, we live year-by-year not knowing how many students will not move in or leave the area.  We tried to create a cushion and did not staff certain classes but this was not enough to compensate for having 81 fewer students than projected. 


I will be communicating these changes as we get closer to the month of October.    


Have a great week and we will see you all on Thursday night, UC U-Know!  -Mr. O.